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Before & After: Top Twins

Here’s a recent movie poster announcement for twins:

  • Here are some of the things that were done (most of which are pretty visually obvious):
  • Masked out the top portion of the background, with a soft gradient at the connection point, kind of like they are on a cloud.  The bottom part of the blanket made for a nice gradual transition, as it was so close to white already. 
  • Used a picture of the planes as a background.  There were more in the original picture, so some had to be removed.  And the contrail didn’t go long enough on the bottm plane, so it needed to be extended a bit with the clone tool.
  • Changed the skin tones to be a bit more brown and less pink, using a hue saturation adjustment layer and roughly painting over the area for a mask.
  • To create the text in the title/logo, I had to manipulate points on the T and the right S to stretch them out.
  • The chrome look mostly comes from a color gradient applied to the text.  It goes from Blue to white, then brown to light yellow.  Pretty standard chrome coloring.  I actually used the same gradient on the red bars, but with less opacity, and the bars had a red color instead of white like the text.

Not too often that we get to do twins!

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Before & After: Twins!

Here’s our first Nouncement design with twins!  I had lots of fun to figure out how to do a different layout style when you have two sets of names and info.  Some of the work is listed below:

  • Let’s start with the title font.  The font is just a free downloadable font off the web, but the black shadow had to be manually created.  I used a technique I saw online a few months ago, which was to take a copy of the text, and shift it (in this case) left and down one pixel.  And then there is a “transform again with a copy” hotkey you can use, which is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T.  I made a bunch of those new layers (probably around 20), gave them all a black color, and then flattened them all toegether and cleaned up any rough edges that were created.
  • The background came from a star-shaped vector shape I made a while back, with low opacity and a mask to make it fade out in the middle more.
  • On the driver’s license, I actually made it as a smart object, in a normal upright orientation, and then rotated it in the final psd file.  This made it easier to line things up vertically and horizontally (you can’t use guidelines in Photoshop that are angled 22 degrees…).
  • As far as cutting the boys out of the background, probably the hardest part of getting them integrated into the final composite was the dark shadowing on the screen-right boy’s head, by his ear.  I used an adjustment layer in screen mode and painted into a mask to bring up the brightness of that area, so it wouldn’t feel unnaturally shadowed with such a light background behind it.  As it is, it still ended up being darker than I would prefer, but I could only bring it up so much before the colors looked weird, and the noise showed up too much.

This design didn’t end up having much room for review quotes, though other designs with twins might be able to, depending on how the two babies are situated, and their relative size in the design.  It was a fun change to do 2!

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