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BABY-MAG_2012-04-26_blog_before BABY-MAG_2012-04-26_blogThis was a unique nouncement we did recently, in the style of the Wall Street Journal (playing off the last name).

In most cases we blend the picture in more so there aren’t any hard edges to the image, but in this case it seemed to fit better with the newspaper style.  The picture was really pretty much ready to use, especially with the white blanket background, but here are a few things that were done to make it work with the color scheme we used for the card.

  • Shifted color so skin was more reddish-pink (not as yellow) and dress was more sky blue.
  • Added more contrast so shadows were a bit darker.
  • Made the blanket be more neutral white.

Most of the work was laying out all the text and graphical elements.  It was fun doing the parody, and the parents had some great ideas along the way that made it all come together well.

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Before & After: Star Baby

Here’s a new magazine cover style nouncement that we did recently:


This picture really was great as an image to start with, but we did some color work on it to make it work better for a magazine cover look, with a solid white background.  To make the baby more integrated with the background, we brightened his face up more, especially close to the background, as if the background is acting as a light source.

Also, it may be difficult to see at this size, but we found a font that had olympic sports characters for each letter (like a Dingbats style font) and put lots of those characters over the white background very subtly, just to add some interest and go along with the olympic theme.

It was a fun change to do a magazine style since we do mostly movie poster styles.

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This was the first Christmas card of the season this year:

Here is some of the work that was done:

  • Cropped the image to what you see here – it was a wider image.
  • Darkened the background and lower parts of the image by painting into the mask of an exposure adjustment layer.  This was both to make the subjects pop out more, as well as to make some darker areas for the text to read better on top.  There’s a lot of busy background texture, which would make overlaid text hard to read by default.
  • Cut part of the “L” out for Santa’s hat to cover up, using a mask on the text layer of the title, and painting the area where the hat overlaps black.  It was a little more tricky because the hat has a soft feathery edge.

Overall, it was fun to do both a magazine cover and a Christmas card for a little change!


before imagefinal magazine cover nouncementHere’s a magazine cover baby announcement we did recently.  It was a really fun picture to start with.  Just a little work to make it feel like a magazine cover image:

  • Darkened the background to make the subject pop out even more, and extended the top to go higher for the sake of the magazine proportions.  As it was, we had to put a solid color bar at the bottom (which we would rather not have had to do) because the bottom of the image was cropped in a way that was difficult to extend very far.
  • Added some saturation to the purple coat, face, shoes, and did a little dodging and burning on the face to bring out the shadows more.
  • Made a mask of the top of the head so that it could cut out part of the magazine title.
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There really wasn’t much of a change to the actual image in this case.  Here were the 2 main things adjustments:

  1. I decided to pull up the brightness in the eyes a bit.  They sent a color version of the same image, and it worked out well that the blue channel of the eyes had just the type of contrast in the iris that I was looking for.  So I used just that part of the blue channel as a mask for a brightening adjustment layer.
  2. I also did some extra darkening on the shadowed side to make it integrate better with a dark background.  I tried to darken areas based on where you would expect light to fall off naturally, so it didn’t just feel like an even gradual darkening gradient from left to right.

Before Image

Final Baby Magazine Announcement

It was a great photo to start with, and a fun announcement to create.  To see a larger version of the final image, go to the gallery.

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