Here’s a simple photography tip for those trying to get a good picture of their baby or child (or anyone for that matter).

Turn off the flash.

(The button usually looks like a lightning bolt, and the OFF mode usually has a ghostbusters sign on top of the lightning bolt.)

There are at least 2 reasons for this:

  1. The highlights on the face are often too bright, and unflattering.
  2. If anything behind the subject is close to the subject at all, there will usually be a harsh shadow of the subject cast on that surface (like the wall or blanket right behind them).
  3. This is more subtle, but light directly from the front flattens out the subject’s face.  Light from the side or 3/4 side gives the face some subtle shape that is (subconciously, at least) more pleasing to look at.

Instead of using the flash in a dark room, put your subject close to a window that doesn’t have direct sunlight coming in.  Don’t use the window as a backdrop, though (tip for another time, maybe).  You’ll probably want to keep most or all of the window out of the picture for starters, but use it as a light source to illuminate the subject’s face.  Nice soft light.

If you have any questions or ideas for tips, please leave them in the comments section!  Or just let us know how these work out for you.  We’d love to hear feedback.