If you’re at that stage of getting ready to take a picture of your baby for a Nouncement (or just to have fun pictures) you should definitely take a look at these blog posts.  They have some great ideas of poses, accessories, backgrounds, etc.  They may be written with the baby photographer in mind, but are applicable to anyone who wants to take a picture of their baby, and are also great if you plan on having pictures taken by someone else, to give you ideas of things to ask for.  I wouldn’t have ever thought of putting a space heater close by, since the baby might not be wearing much, for example.

There are 2 parts to this one:

The Newborn Session

Newborn Photography Poses

And there is one especially for Baby Photographers:

Preparing for a Newborn Photography Session

Here is a post about a photo that got incorporated into one of our baby announcements:

Baby Photo Shoot

The best baby announcement designs generally come from the best baby pictures – there is a very strong correlation, so it’s worth planning out your pictures ahead of time as opposed to just taking a snapshot on the spur of the moment.  Even if you’re not photographing your baby right now, there are some adorable pictures to look at!