There is a question, or a few related questions that have been on our mind since we started this babynounce thing.

Is there a place for something similar to our cards in digital form yet, or is the world not quite ready to view them in that medium only?

On the one hand, there is something to be said about being able to hold a nice-looking card in your hands, and feel the stiffness of the cardstock.  Something hard to describe, but it has the feeling of being substantial.  We see digital images online everyday but there’s no difference between them in print quality or paper quality, so they can all be more equal, but at the same time, none are as likely to feel unique or memorable.

On the other hand, we are in a time of going green, where it seems more wasteful to send out tons of paper cards and envelopes, especially when most people throw cards away shortly after receiving them (not that people throw THESE cards away!).  We are also in an age of Facebook, and having 782 “friends”, and while it doesn’t make financial sense to send out that many paper baby announcements usually, you would like many of your friends to be able to at least see the announcements.

With these things in mind, we’d like to pose the following questions.  If you vote on them, you get to see how everyone else voted too!

And please feel free to leave any thoughts about this in the comments section as well —