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This was another Christmas Card we did this year:

There was a fair amount of compositing work that was done.

  • Had to cutout holes in the door where the windows were, to see through to the pictures behind.
  • Recolored the house in the background to have more contrast and more of a blue color.
  • Painted some snow falling with an irregularly-shaped brush that had scattering settings on it to make more than one flake at a time with different sizes and rotations.
  • Painted some snow onto the windowsills with a simple white brush.  By painting it on a layer behind the door, it wasn’t necessary to get the edges of the windows perfect.
  • Rotated the people pictures to work together.
  • Cutout the people from their backgrounds by painting black into a mask for the areas we don’t want to see.
  • Scaled and shifted everyone appropriately to get the right size relationships for their distance from the camera.
  • Recolored the children to feel like they were all in the same lighting, and colored the parents with more blue to look more like they are outside.
  • Added more books to the stack by copying a few and pasting them with different sizes and coloring.
  • Darkened the bottom of the image more so the text would show up better over it.
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Before & After: Top Twins

Here’s a recent movie poster announcement for twins:

  • Here are some of the things that were done (most of which are pretty visually obvious):
  • Masked out the top portion of the background, with a soft gradient at the connection point, kind of like they are on a cloud.  The bottom part of the blanket made for a nice gradual transition, as it was so close to white already. 
  • Used a picture of the planes as a background.  There were more in the original picture, so some had to be removed.  And the contrail didn’t go long enough on the bottm plane, so it needed to be extended a bit with the clone tool.
  • Changed the skin tones to be a bit more brown and less pink, using a hue saturation adjustment layer and roughly painting over the area for a mask.
  • To create the text in the title/logo, I had to manipulate points on the T and the right S to stretch them out.
  • The chrome look mostly comes from a color gradient applied to the text.  It goes from Blue to white, then brown to light yellow.  Pretty standard chrome coloring.  I actually used the same gradient on the red bars, but with less opacity, and the bars had a red color instead of white like the text.

Not too often that we get to do twins!

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