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We don’t get as many cereal box design orders as we do for movie posters, so this was a fun one to do for a change.

  • Because of the way the background fabric is pushed up against the baby in the picture, especially pushing his sleeve up over his shoulder, it didn’t seem like it would work well to completely replace the background with a new color.  So we kept the hint of that fabric around the baby, while modifying the color to be more cereal box-like.    We did this by placing a solid color or gradient adjustment layer over top of the baby image using the color blend mode, and cutting out where the baby was.  A mask was also painted to gradually fade out the fabric into that solid color.
  • The title text is being warped with the text warp tool, with just a simple bend.
  • I made that Stork logo a while back, to be something that could go on lots of cereal box designs.  We haven’t always ended up using it, but I like the little detail that it adds to make it feel more like a cereal box.
  • There was also some work to even out the skin tones on the forehead and face.  Most of the issue was just in the lighting, but it seemed worthwhile to tone down the dark redness in the face, and get it closer to the color in the brighter parts of the face.  I think that was done with a hue/sat adjustment layer, to shift the color a little and desaturate it a bit, and applied by painting in the areas in a layer mask that I wanted to adjust.

Here’s a question for all of you – if you were going to make a larger poster of the cereal box design, what size would you choose?  As big as possible, or about the size of a normal cereal box?

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Here is a new cereal box baby announcement we did recently.  See the notes below:

before imageafter image

  1. I wanted to rotate him a little counter-clockwise, but to do that I had to also clone in some extensions on the bottom of the picture.
  2. To get a nice clean silhouette, I cut out the background blanket as well as the rest of he dark background.
  3. In the touchup phase, I did a little color correction on the skin because it had a reddish cast to it.
  4. The CRUNCH lettering was fun to work on.  Each letter had to be its own layer, and then I rotated and skewed each letter separately to give the feeling of them being angled differently.
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Here’s another cereal box baby announcement example.  The following things were done in the process of making this:

  • Cutting out the boy.  The masking of the (really fun) hair could have been quite difficult, but was made significantly easier by the fact that the background was somewhat white, and pretty much the same color.  I just went around the outer edge of the hair with a dodging brush to brighten the lighter areas, so they were mostly white.  To soften the hard shadows on the left of his hair, I painted into the edges of the shadows with a big soft brush, with low opacity, in Lighten mode, using the color of the surrounding background.  The results would be similar if you used the clone tool with partial opacity, but doing it that way you have to worry about introducing new texture, instead of just a color correction.
  • Skin glow. For the skin, I did the typical process of doing a Surface Blur on a copy of the image, and then painting in a mask to specify where to use it.  And that is pretty much anywhere that the skin should be soft (no crease, edge, or hair areas).  This process does 2 things: 1) it gets rid of any imperfections in the skin and 2) it gives the skin an nice healthy glow to it.
  • Background gradient. I ended up using a big radial gradient on the background, but instead of just going from white to dark blue, and added a lighter blue, more in the cyan range, into the middle of the gradient.  Adding a slightly different middle color tends to give a little more depth and not just feel like a linear fade between two colors.  And (at least to me) it gives the feel of the white area “glowing” rather than just fading to blue.

For a bigger version of the final nouncement, go to the gallery.

Before ImageFinal Cereal Box Announcement

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Here’s a recent example of a cereal box birthday invitation for a 2 year old. For this one I tried using the at-a-glance icons at the top of the box to give the important facts (time, date, place).

Before ImageCereal Box Birthday Invitation

Most of the work on the original picture was to extract it from the background.
On top of that, I mainly lightened up most of it, and then did some dodge & burn painting. I also painted much of the glow in the background to make it more irregular-shaped, and not just an even glow all around her body.
You can see a larger version of the final result here: Nouncement Gallery.

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