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Cleaning up distractions

Wedding picture retouchThis picture is an example of where you have to just take a picture fast, while you have the moment, and you don’t have time to adjust the background or you’ll miss your chance.  Sometimes it’s just easier to come in with Photoshop afterwards in these cases.

Here are the things done to enhance the image:

  • Cloned out the restroom sign in the background so it wasn’t distracting
  • Recolored the front left wall to be the same color as the rest of the walls (again, to not be distracting, and pull your eye away from the focal point)
  • Brought up shadows in general a bit, and then painted some subtle brightness on their faces with a soft big brush.
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As a change of scenery, here’s an inanimate object that works well for stock photography.  And with stock photography, you’re usually trying to tell a story, so the story could either be a run down railroad crossing sign, or a more vibrant colored setting where it looks like the sign is actually being used.  I chose the later.

RR CrossingWork that was done:

  • Cleanup of the background, to make a nice blue sky.  A little tricky because the sky had some specific texture to the clouds, so you couldn’t just clone from anywhere to anywhere else.
  • Color enhancement – saturated the blues and adjusted the contrast a little, to bring out more texture in the sign.
  • Straightened the sign in the image.
  • “Turned on” the red light by making a curves adjustment layer that brightened up the mid tones and painted a mask just where the bulb was (and right around it for some glow onto the nearby metal).

You can also see this image at fotolia.com.

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