About 6 months ago I did a post on great ideas for baby pictures, and it has turned out to still be the single most looked-at post on the blog by far.  There must be lots of people that want great photos of their newborns!  (We’re actually in that newborn-picture-taking mode too, right now, so I know the feeling!)  Anyway, I thought it would be worthwhile to scour around for some more good tips to include here.

Here are four good posts from another blog from a few years ago.  Not a lot of pictures, but lots of good content:

Newborn portrait tips for birth announcements — Framing and composition tips, as well as some other things like harsh lighting and red-eye problems.

Newborn picture ideas and tips — A good over-the-shoulder pose for newborns to keep their head up.

Best Time for Newborn and Baby Portraits — Timing to get the best portraits of your baby.

Look Them In The Eye — Get down on their level.

If there are any other types of things you’re wondering about as far as taking baby pictures go, ask away in the comment section!