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Here’s a movie poster baby announcement we did recently for the arrival of our 4th child.


Here’s a list of some of the Photoshop
work that was done:

  • Got rid of a slobbery wet spot (that was more noticeable when the blue sweater got brighter) and the beige dog on his sweater with the clone and healing tools.
  • Colored the zipper handle blue to be less distracting.
  • Extended the cabinet top horizontally with the clone tool (being careful to keep the reflections consistent)
  • Cloned out the mommy’s head (as she had to hold the baby up from behind)
  • Rotated the image a bit to get the top of the cabinet to be square on the card.
  • Brightened up the colors a bit, especially the blues.
  • Added text to the book spine

Here’s a post about the baby’s perspective on the photo shoot:
Baby Photo Shoot Details

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Extreme Color

Here’s a fun image I made recently, and I thought it would be worth describing the processing process a little.

This is the original image, straight-out-of-camera.

I always shoot in Raw+Jpg, so I usually like to take the Raw image into Adobe Camera Raw for some quick processing (usually less than 5 mins, though this one admittedly took longer).  This is what I got after running it through Camera Raw:
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This was another Christmas Card we did this year:

There was a fair amount of compositing work that was done.

  • Had to cutout holes in the door where the windows were, to see through to the pictures behind.
  • Recolored the house in the background to have more contrast and more of a blue color.
  • Painted some snow falling with an irregularly-shaped brush that had scattering settings on it to make more than one flake at a time with different sizes and rotations.
  • Painted some snow onto the windowsills with a simple white brush.  By painting it on a layer behind the door, it wasn’t necessary to get the edges of the windows perfect.
  • Rotated the people pictures to work together.
  • Cutout the people from their backgrounds by painting black into a mask for the areas we don’t want to see.
  • Scaled and shifted everyone appropriately to get the right size relationships for their distance from the camera.
  • Recolored the children to feel like they were all in the same lighting, and colored the parents with more blue to look more like they are outside.
  • Added more books to the stack by copying a few and pasting them with different sizes and coloring.
  • Darkened the bottom of the image more so the text would show up better over it.
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We’ve been doing a few “action”-style movie posters lately, which has been a little bit of a change.  This one is a fun composite of a few different elements.

The 3 main elements were the baby picture, the flag, and the bomber jacket.  The title is kind of an element in and of itself as well.


I used a flag picture I got from, and scaled, recolored and blurred it to work as a background.

Bomber Jacket:

The jacket picture had the arms out to the sides more, and didn’t look like a natural pose.  So I employed the new Puppet Warp feature in Photoshop CS5, which worked really well in this case.  I just placed pin points all over the jacket to lock down areas that needed to stay put, and then warped the arms down into a little more of a “pose”.  It even allows you to pull the jacket arm over top of the stomach part (or behind, if you like).  This would NOT have been an easy job for the liquify tool, and probably would have had to happen in multiple stages, with cloning areas to fix the seams and stretching.


Pretty much the normal skin treatment-type stuff here – smoothing out things with a surface blur version over top of the real version, toning down some strong highlights by painting over them with a surrounding color.  Oh, and in this case, a small amount of surgery to cut all the body off!  I also did some shadowing along the edges of the face to make it feel more like it is up against a black jacket, rather than other skin and a light colored background.

Overall it was a fun composite to put together, in a slightly different style than many of the posters.  After all, who can resist a baby in a bomber jacket?

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Before ImageAfter Imagealley_beforealley_finalHere is a fun movie poster announcement we did recently.  It was one of the few that we’ve done that involves a separate  background image.  Here’s a breakdown of the work done on both images:

Background Image

  • Lightened it up dramatically (using Adobe Camera Raw for all the major color correction)
  • Painted out people in the distance, and made a blown-out glow fill that area, extending into the buildings.
  • Painted out a streetlamp that was getting in the way.
  • Recolored the side of the building to look more like brick colors


  • Cut out the top portion of the background of the image, so we could see through to the background.  Since he had dark hair, this was done using 2 different layers of the boy.  1) Detailed version of the hair in Multiply mode over the background to get the nice hair edges.  2) Less detailed “choked”-mask version pasted (in Normal mode) on top of that.
  • Added a rim lighting effect on the side of his head, since it seemed to fit with the background glow.  This was done by adding an inner shadow in Color Dodge mode, and using the layer mask to paint out areas I didn’t want light to be on.  If I remember right, using Screen mode instead just made a soft light area along his hair, so it didn’t look as much like each hair was being hit differently with light.
  • Lightened up the whole image, and then had to suppress the highlights that were even brighter afterwards.

Obviously a fair amount of retouching and color correction work here.  If you’re interested in having any photos retouched (outside of an announcement order) we can do that too.  Just contact us on the Contact page for a quote.

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