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More Ideas for Baby Photos

About 6 months ago I did a post on great ideas for baby pictures, and it has turned out to still be the single most looked-at post on the blog by far.  There must be lots of people that want great photos of their newborns!  (We’re actually in that newborn-picture-taking mode too, right now, so I know the feeling!)  Anyway, I thought it would be worthwhile to scour around for some more good tips to include here.

Here are four good posts from another blog from a few years ago.  Not a lot of pictures, but lots of good content:

Newborn portrait tips for birth announcements — Framing and composition tips, as well as some other things like harsh lighting and red-eye problems.

Newborn picture ideas and tips — A good over-the-shoulder pose for newborns to keep their head up.

Best Time for Newborn and Baby Portraits — Timing to get the best portraits of your baby.

Look Them In The Eye — Get down on their level.

If there are any other types of things you’re wondering about as far as taking baby pictures go, ask away in the comment section!


Great Ideas for Baby Pictures

If you’re at that stage of getting ready to take a picture of your baby for a Nouncement (or just to have fun pictures) you should definitely take a look at these blog posts.  They have some great ideas of poses, accessories, backgrounds, etc.  They may be written with the baby photographer in mind, but are applicable to anyone who wants to take a picture of their baby, and are also great if you plan on having pictures taken by someone else, to give you ideas of things to ask for.  I wouldn’t have ever thought of putting a space heater close by, since the baby might not be wearing much, for example.

There are 2 parts to this one:

The Newborn Session

Newborn Photography Poses

And there is one especially for Baby Photographers:

Preparing for a Newborn Photography Session

Here is a post about a photo that got incorporated into one of our baby announcements:

Baby Photo Shoot

The best baby announcement designs generally come from the best baby pictures – there is a very strong correlation, so it’s worth planning out your pictures ahead of time as opposed to just taking a snapshot on the spur of the moment.  Even if you’re not photographing your baby right now, there are some adorable pictures to look at!

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Baby Daydreams

I came across this today, and just thought I’d share.  Really creative and cute idea of taking pictures from up high, down on your baby sleeping on the floor, using the floor as a background stage.  All kinds of fun ideas for pictures that you could do at home too!  There seems to be one new picture a day, more or less.

Why use Camera Raw?

I used to be an unbeliever in the whole shooting-in-Raw concept.  Of course, knowing the way images work from a computer graphics background, I understood the theory behind why it should be useful, but I just didn’t see the applicable importance of shooting in RAW format in real life.  The problem was that I just hadn’t had the right images to see comparisons with.  One day the light clicked on for me (it takes a while for some of us) that the grayish washed-out color I got sometimes when darkening something that was blown out in at least one of the color channels was a result of not having enough color information on the bright end.  And when I used a RAW version of the same photo, I was able to make that color look completely natural when darkening it.  At that point I was almost completely hooked.

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As a change of scenery, here’s an inanimate object that works well for stock photography.  And with stock photography, you’re usually trying to tell a story, so the story could either be a run down railroad crossing sign, or a more vibrant colored setting where it looks like the sign is actually being used.  I chose the later.

RR CrossingWork that was done:

  • Cleanup of the background, to make a nice blue sky.  A little tricky because the sky had some specific texture to the clouds, so you couldn’t just clone from anywhere to anywhere else.
  • Color enhancement – saturated the blues and adjusted the contrast a little, to bring out more texture in the sign.
  • Straightened the sign in the image.
  • “Turned on” the red light by making a curves adjustment layer that brightened up the mid tones and painted a mask just where the bulb was (and right around it for some glow onto the nearby metal).

You can also see this image at

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