I have a passion for creating imagery with the help of the computer.  During my day job, I work on special effects for animated feature films, creating fire, smoke, oceans, and clouds, to name a few things. It’s all 24 frames per second, now in RealD Stereoscopic 3D (that means you get to wear glasses at the theater).

But when I come home, I like the change of just working in 2 dimensions in Photoshop, on just one “frame”.  I like painting in highlights and shadows, color correcting, and getting lettering to look great.  These custom baby (and other occasion) announcements have been a great way to use that passion to benefit others, too.  My wife is a great wordsmith, and has come up with most of the clever phrases on our cards, and I work on the visual aspect of it all on the computer.

I plan on sharing things I’ve learned along the way, from Photoshop and photography tips and tricks, to before and after posts with the newest  baby announcements.  And I encourage comments, so we can all learn together.   Enjoy the stay, and visit often!