BABY-MAG_2012-04-26_blog_before BABY-MAG_2012-04-26_blogThis was a unique nouncement we did recently, in the style of the Wall Street Journal (playing off the last name).

In most cases we blend the picture in more so there aren’t any hard edges to the image, but in this case it seemed to fit better with the newspaper style.  The picture was really pretty much ready to use, especially with the white blanket background, but here are a few things that were done to make it work with the color scheme we used for the card.

  • Shifted color so skin was more reddish-pink (not as yellow) and dress was more sky blue.
  • Added more contrast so shadows were a bit darker.
  • Made the blanket be more neutral white.

Most of the work was laying out all the text and graphical elements.  It was fun doing the parody, and the parents had some great ideas along the way that made it all come together well.