This is a movie poster nouncement we did recently, which shows two brothers, the older of which we did a nouncement for a couple years earlier! It was fun to see the family growing up.




This one was a bit more complex than the average nouncement, requiring some extra photoshop work to integrate two pictures together. Here’s a list of some of the things that were done:

  • Cut out the heads from both images and scaled and placed them together so they would work for the poster.
  • Did some color adjustment to the older brother (specifically adding more red to the shadows) so the pictures looked more like they were in the same environment.
  • Found a useful picture of a suit, and copied it onto both heads (or vice versa), changing the tie color for one of them, and adding some shadowing to the collars to feel integrated with the heads.
  • Faded out the suits into the black background, and darkened the suits to be mostly black to make the transition easier.

We don’t often do multiple nouncements with more than one person, so it was fun to work on.