Here’s a movie poster styled nouncement we did recently for another 2nd time family.



Here are a few things we did for integration purposes:

  • Brightened up the image a bit, especially the highlights
  • Cutout the background, mostly based on the edge of the sheet, and did a soft fadeout on the bottom edge
  • Removed the white foreground object on the lower right so as not to be distracting
  • Made the highlights close to the edge of the sheet extra bright so it would look more believable that the background could be white

And yes, the father, Owen Gleiberman, is the film critic from Entertainment Weekly — kind of fun having a film critic involved with making movie posters!  You can even check out his review on our praise page.

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This is a movie poster nouncement we did recently, though themed after a book.  This is another case where we also had done a nouncement for the older sister when she was born.  Great to see the families growing!



The pictures were great to start with, but here’s a list of things we did to make it work as a nouncement:

  • extended the bottom of the bigger picture.
  • did some darkening on the greenery in the background on the small picture to make them pop out a little more
  • added a white frame to the small image so it wouldn’t just blend into the other one behind it
  • created a rough-edged fadeout on the background image

It was fun to work with such fun pictures with the great costume, where the parents obviously put a lot of thought into the theme before even taking the pictures.

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BABY-MAG_2012-04-26_blog_before BABY-MAG_2012-04-26_blogThis was a unique nouncement we did recently, in the style of the Wall Street Journal (playing off the last name).

In most cases we blend the picture in more so there aren’t any hard edges to the image, but in this case it seemed to fit better with the newspaper style.  The picture was really pretty much ready to use, especially with the white blanket background, but here are a few things that were done to make it work with the color scheme we used for the card.

  • Shifted color so skin was more reddish-pink (not as yellow) and dress was more sky blue.
  • Added more contrast so shadows were a bit darker.
  • Made the blanket be more neutral white.

Most of the work was laying out all the text and graphical elements.  It was fun doing the parody, and the parents had some great ideas along the way that made it all come together well.

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This is a movie poster nouncement we did recently, which shows two brothers, the older of which we did a nouncement for a couple years earlier! It was fun to see the family growing up.




This one was a bit more complex than the average nouncement, requiring some extra photoshop work to integrate two pictures together. Here’s a list of some of the things that were done:

  • Cut out the heads from both images and scaled and placed them together so they would work for the poster.
  • Did some color adjustment to the older brother (specifically adding more red to the shadows) so the pictures looked more like they were in the same environment.
  • Found a useful picture of a suit, and copied it onto both heads (or vice versa), changing the tie color for one of them, and adding some shadowing to the collars to feel integrated with the heads.
  • Faded out the suits into the black background, and darkened the suits to be mostly black to make the transition easier.

We don’t often do multiple nouncements with more than one person, so it was fun to work on.

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Before & After: Star Baby

Here’s a new magazine cover style nouncement that we did recently:


This picture really was great as an image to start with, but we did some color work on it to make it work better for a magazine cover look, with a solid white background.  To make the baby more integrated with the background, we brightened his face up more, especially close to the background, as if the background is acting as a light source.

Also, it may be difficult to see at this size, but we found a font that had olympic sports characters for each letter (like a Dingbats style font) and put lots of those characters over the white background very subtly, just to add some interest and go along with the olympic theme.

It was a fun change to do a magazine style since we do mostly movie poster styles.

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